Growing your own green thumbs


Nadja will be on long service leave this Autumn. Please see Permaculture SA if you need to find a garden consultant during this time.

“STARTING A GARDEN IN ADELAIDE – a guide for beginners” – free PDF ebook download available now


Nadja’s Garden provides edible garden consultation and design services, workshops and presentations in Adelaide, South Australia.

Permaculture is a holistic approach to sustainable design of human habitat, based on principles derived from observation of natural systems. It incorporates the three ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. Although permaculture first developed in Australian rural settings, it is now applied worldwide and its principles are as relevant to city living as they are in the bush. Nadja’s Garden primarily provides home garden designs for households in the Adelaide suburbs who are aiming to develop their gardens sustainably over time, using a DIY approach.

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Nadja’s consultation and design services help home gardeners to:

  • Grow a diverse range of nutrient-dense fruit, vegetables and herbs at home
  • Reduce food miles and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Regenerate healthy soil and biodiversity
  • Make gardens more resilient and climate-ready
  • Adapt existing gardens for all ages and abilities
  • Think outside the box of the landscape design and horticulture industry
  • Connect with community through gardening, creativity and sharing
  • Enjoy outdoor living spaces that are actually alive


Nadja Osterstock is passionate about sustainable, healthy living and creating a lasting human habitat. She is living proof that anyone can learn to garden and grow great food! She combines a background in permaculture design, energy efficiency and community health with a focus on collaboration, genuine value and fun.

Nadja trained for her Permaculture Design Certificate with David Holmgren and Graham & Annemarie Brookman at the Food Forest in SA in 2004, and completed Permaculture Teacher Training with Rosemary Morrow of the Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute and Nick Ritar of Milkwood Permaculture in NSW in 2014. Nadja has designed well over 100 edible gardens for properties in and around Adelaide, as well as consulting on many others.

For further information or to book a consultation please contact Nadja’s Garden.

Keep up-to-date with local gardening events and news at Nadja’s Garden facebook page. and subscribe to the blog for regular inspiration and gardening tips.

Ph. 0410 636 857 or email 

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