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Trees x 10…

Yesterday I was passing through Oaklands Estate Reserve at Marion. I paused to wonder what life would be like if, instead of navigating by the roads and railway lines, numbed by our devices, we instead found our way by the … Continue reading

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January Garden Guide & What’s On…

And just like that, it’s another new year. Another loop around that great flaming ball of gas that keeps us going and our gardens growing but sometimes seems about to fry us alive. More on that later… The top comments … Continue reading

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December (what, already?) Garden Guide

This week the permaculture principle ‘Creatively use and respond to change‘ has been slowly distilling its way through my experiences and into consciousness. Like all the principles, it’s applicable on so many levels that often just as I recognise an … Continue reading

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Learning, learning, learning…

I used to be so daunted by gardening and by my lack of instinct for it – then learnt that it’s just a lifelong learning process, and now I can’t get enough of it. Here’s a bunch of learning resources … Continue reading

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November garden guide

PHEW! The last couple of days have delivered a reminder of just how thirsty the garden can suddenly become, with rapid increases in temperature combined with today’s strong winds. We recently extended irrigation to various areas of the garden that … Continue reading

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A taste of Permaculture

For those who would like to explore our set-up in a bit more depth and try planning some strategies for home, this permaculture¬†workshop is coming up in 2 weeks. Please click through to EventBrite to book tickets. Meanwhile, tomorrow’s 10am … Continue reading

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Here we go round the Mulberry Bush – a guided tour.

Always wanted to learn about how permaculture works in our little suburban garden? Two pop-up small group tour dates have just been planned. There are only a few tickets available so snaffle yours here. Also coming up soon – a … Continue reading

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