Starting a Garden in Adelaide

Hi Adelaide folks, 

This is an adaptation of a booklet that I’ve been developing over the past decade and customising to accompany garden plans for my clients. This version is a bit more generic so that you can apply it to your own garden and share it with your local gardening friends. 

We’re living in ever-changing times, so some of the resources listed here might be unavailable by the time this reaches you.  There are so many wonderful groups in our gardening community where you can ask questions and share the info and materials you need to get started, so please explore and enrich your local connections. 

It’s important to me to refer to experience from local sources wherever possible. Our soils, seasons and native species differ from other places – so learning what works here can save a lot of time, energy and resources. That also means that this booklet is probably not the best guide for folks outside Adelaide – look first for what’s available locally. Permaculture is the foundation for my approach to gardening, and wherever you are, its ethics and principles underlie the strategies that work best locally.

I haven’t always been a gardener, and I still wouldn’t claim to be a very good one. But every day there is something for our family to eat that we have grown ourselves, and there’s always healthy exercise and creativity and new discoveries to be made in the garden. I have so much still to learn and so many opportunities, and that gives me something to look forward to every day. I think if I could learn to grow some of my own food, anyone can. And if I could learn to teach it, then we could all do a bit of that too. It’s in our genes, just waiting like a seed to sprout into life. Give it a go and then share whatever you can.

Heartfelt thanks to my coronacrisis local support crew: Andrew, Ben, Nynke, Elaine, Emma & Emma, Dylan, Wayne, Nadja’s Garden facebook community and very patient clients – and Mum for keeping the fruit coming!!

Happy gardening!



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Videos for Adelaide gardeners:

Wagtail Urban Farm – Steven Hoepfner