Trees x 10


Magnificent sequoia in Belair National Park

“Trees x 10” (working title) is a grass-roots community project that I am initiating in Adelaide from winter 2019.

I’m developing this project in conversation with a range of experienced local community environmental organisers, with input from the City of Marion’s Community Leadership Program, the RetroSuburbia training hosted by Permaculture SA, and drawing on the research and community engagement resources of 202020 Vision.

But the key ingredients are you, your garden, family, friends and neighbours. This is where change can happen – fast.

What’s it about? Our climate is becoming hotter, drier, wilder, more erratic – and the trees we plant now are an essential part of both mitigating and adapting to climate chaos. Local indigenous, other native and introduced species all have essential parts to play in maintaining Adelaide as a liveable city that provides for its residents’ needs. Trees x 10 includes diverse plant communities in which trees play a feature role as air-conditioners, shading devices, carbon catchers, habitat for wildlife and for humans, and sources of home-grown food, beauty, hope and inspiration.


Ancient river redgum with coolamon scar at Warriparinga. Most home gardens need smaller trees, while we preserve these treasures in public places.


Why “Trees x 10”? The title reflects the needs to:

  • Multiply the coverage of urban tree canopy rapidly
  • Diversify plantings – e.g. for each tree, add another nine compatible plants
  • Meet in small local groups (10 is very effective) to learn, plant and share
  • Spread the action quickly – from every planting event, people go away with their next planting and sharing action planned and supported.

Where? I’m starting by talking with local people in the south and west of Adelaide. The ‘planting ground’ is first in our minds and hearts, then in our own gardens, and then reaching out to help in other gardens in our communities.

More!  Councils all across Adelaide are trying to increase tree canopy as fast as possible – we have the least tree cover of any Australian capital while also being the hottest and driest capital – but these increases are still being outpaced by the loss of canopy on private land, mostly due to medium-density infill housing development. And many residents in Australian cities lack confidence, knowledge and experience in selecting, planting and maintaining suitable trees for the garden spaces they have available. So private home gardens are the target location for this project – and the other key aspect of the work is sharing accessible information to support thoughtful home tree planting by residents.

Where is it up to? As of July 2019, it’s early days, consulting and shaping the activities to come, and gathering information resources. Tx10 workshops are not far off. Follow the Trees x 10 facebook page for news, including links to many other planting events and resources around Adelaide.



Contact – To get involved, please email me at with Trees x 10 in the subject line.

Thanks & happy planting!