Market Stall

Nadja’s Garden stall at the Organic Corner Store market is open 9am-1pm on the first and third Thursday each month (we usually take a break for July). We stock organic and heirloom vegetable, herb and flower seeds for South Australian conditions, and home-grown fruit trees and plants.



Organic Corner Store market, Thursday 9-1 at Glenelg North Community Centre (corner of Alison St and Kibby Ave, Glenelg North).

You can browse through Nadja’s garden designs and latest watercolours, find the latest issue of Pip – Australian Permaculture Magazine and stop for a chat about your garden.

Follow the facebook page for market updates.

spring special

Nadja’s Garden is a local stockist for Heirloom Harvest (SA), Eden & Select Organic Seeds and Greenpatch Organic Seeds -untreated, non-hybrid, non-genetically modified, open pollinated and mostly produced in Australia. If you wish, you can save viable seed from the plants you grow with these seeds to plant the following year. This extensive seed range includes many heirloom varieties offering flavours and colours that are not usually available in garden centres or in supermarket produce.

select organic

Nadja’s Garden also offers a seasonal selection of Sally’s home-grown fruit trees, herbs and other plants at the Organic Corner Store market stall. See facebook page for regular updates.

Pip magazine

Nadja’Subscribes Garden stocks ‘Pip’ pip2Australian Permaculture Magazine – a great collection of inspiring and informative reading from around Australia. Well worth collecting!

Consultation & Design

You are welcome to drop by the stall for a chat about your garden, browse through examples of local permaculture designs, bring a sample of your soil for free testing, or book a consultation.

Market days for 2016 are 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at Organic Corner Store market, Glenelg North (see Nadja’s Garden facebook pages for updates), with occasional pop-up appearances at fetes and festivals.


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