Organic Pest and Disease Management

Annette McFarlane:

Raised garden beds and water tanks

ModBOX raised beds:

Dingo Garden & Tanks:

Looking after the gardener

Reviviscence: – see Fiona to soothe away aches and pains after overdoing a weekend in the garden! Based in Brighton, SA.

Chook care 

Adelaide Chicken Sitting Service:

Local organically produced vegetables

Wagtail Urban Farm:

Organic markets

Organic Corner Store:

Community garden information, workshops and events

Adelaide Botanic Gardens – Kitchen Gardens SA

Australian Permaculture resources

The Food Forest (Graham & Annemarie Brookman):

Permaculture Association of SA (PASA):

Milkwood Permaculture (Kirsten Bradley & Nick Ritar):

Permaculture Research Institute (Geoff Lawton):

The Witches Kitchen (Linda Woodrow):

Pip permaculture magazine:

These are links to resources that I have found helpful and relevant, most of which are local. I do not add links on request or accept payment to promote businesses.


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