Garden Consultation & Design

nectarine blossom.jpg

Step 1: Contact Nadja / email / Ph. 0410 636 857 to arrange a consultation.

Step 2: Complete a short questionnaire via email or post to outline your needs and your vision for your garden.

Step 3: Consultation – allow around two hours to explore your garden and its potential.

Step 4: Select the services you need, e.g. design, coaching or practical help with selected gardening tasks, e.g. pruning, planting, propagation. Book coaching/gardening visits.

Step 5: Design – if you would like a detailed plan and design package, take a look at the examples prepared for other clients around Adelaide. Options are available to suit all budgets, including hand-drawn black and white or coloured plans and perspective sketches. The design process includes an initial rough concept plan with suggestions for your feedback, followed by a final plan with a detailed information package.

design packages.jpg

Design packages include:

  • Garden plan/s
  • DIY Information booklet and PDF copy with links to extra resources
  • Basic soil testing and referral for lab testing if required
  • Planting list with growing information to get you started
  • Seasonal schedule to establish your garden in manageable stages
  • Fact sheets to address topics relevant to your garden
  • Phone and email support on call throughout your garden set-up.


  • Design Consultations $55/hr ($65/hr on weekends). Travel fee may apply.
  • Other services (e.g. pruning, gardening help) negotiable.
  • Design packages from $375 – quote provided at consultation based on size and scope of project. Deposit payable prior to design work commencing.
  • Cash, credit card and electronic transfer payments accepted at time of appointment.




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