Garden Consultation & Design Services

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Home garden consultations are now available to book from June. Design work is still in Coronapause.

“STARTING A GARDEN IN ADELAIDE – a guide for beginners” – free PDF ebook download available now


Book a home consultation, and add a basic concept design and/or detailed design service depending upon your needs. Follow-up visits are also available for coaching (e.g. fruit tree pruning) or to review your garden’s development and offer further suggestions.

Step 1: Contact Nadja / email / Ph. 0410 636 857 to discuss your requirements and arrange a consultation.

Step 2: Complete a short questionnaire to outline your vision for your garden and the features and plants you would ideally like to include.

Step 3: Consultation – allow at least two hours to explore your patch and its potential. Walk through the garden together, view examples of previous designs and DIY package. Nadja will measure for design if required.

Fee: $60/hr. ($30/hr travel fee may apply depending on location.) Cash, credit card and electronic transfer payments accepted on day of visit.

Step 4: Select any further services you need, e.g. concept design or detailed design & DIY information package. Measure & quote available at consultation.

Step 5: Concept Design – Annotated, hand-drawn black & white concept plan at 1:100 scale, emailed or posted to you after a consultation on site.

Fee: From $250* for small to medium suburban gardens (includes $50 deposit).

Step 6: Review – discuss your feedback & questions on the concept plan – by phone and/or email.

Step 7: Detailed Design Package –  (available after concept plan & review).

Fee: From $400* for small to medium suburban gardens.

Package includes:

design packages.jpg

  • Garden plan/s – hand-drawn black & white plans at 1:100 scale. (Coloured plans & perspective sketches also available*).
  • Hard copy DIY Information booklet + PDF copy with links to extra resources.
  • Site analysis & design recommendations to work with the conditions of your site & create microclimates for your comfort and for your garden to flourish.
  • Basic soil testing & soil care suggestions. Referral for specialist soil analysis if required.
  • Planting list with growing information to get you started.
  • Seasonal schedule for garden establishment and ongoing maintenance.
  • Fact sheets to address topics and strategies relevant to your garden.
  • Phone and email support on call throughout your garden set-up.

* Design pricing depends on the size of your garden – quote available after consultation & measure. Hand coloured plans and perspective sketches extra. If financial hardship presents a barrier, please contact Nadja to discuss options available.



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