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June Garden Guide

In this edition… Welcome to winter Soil reconditioning We’re all going a bit weed-mad Chooks & Compost June veg planting

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July Gardening Guide – Mediterranean climate

The winter solstice has passed already. Jasmine is beginning to flower. Magpies are singing and collecting nesting material. We’re just getting used to winter again, but already see these signs of spring’s approach!

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May Gardening Guide – Mediterranean climate

Welcome back, my old friend May, with your drizzling rains and your shorter days! With your soft sun inviting me out to play! Other old friends are back too, like soursobs and thistles – they do no harm, but to … Continue reading

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Small and Slow Solutions

This will be a small post. Let’s face it, it’s not the most sexy of David Holmgren’s 12 permaculture design principles – the humble snail representing “use small and slow solutions”. It’s surprisingly powerful though, because it can enable us … Continue reading

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Welcome to my monthly garden guide series for Adelaide and other Mediterranean climate areas. This update, along with corresponding suggestions for other climate zones, can also be found at Pip Australian Permaculture Magazine around the start of each month. The Permaculture ‘zones’ … Continue reading

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Spring Open Day – Monday October 7th

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Gardening day at home :)

Much to my embarrassment, my own garden has been very neglected lately while I play and dream in other people’s gardens! So today was a catch-up day around here, and what fun it was. We made a real dent in … Continue reading

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Soursobs… aaarghh!!!

Soursobs getting you down? They are so persistent. Here’s some tips to get on top of them…

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