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The power of one small frog

There’s a cheering sound that greets us through the open windows these days… the gentle ‘aark, aark’ of a little spotted marsh frog (or two?) in a tiny, rocky pond nestled amongst fruit trees, native plants and herbs. It lifts … Continue reading

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Too darn hot!

Adelaide. Autumn. 38 degrees again next week. Planting? Not on your nelly. What to do instead? Put the drip irrigation on to keep the garden alive Cover up the more sensitive plants Get inside, get as naked as possible and … Continue reading

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Gardening for Climate Change

I am continually astounded when I pause to read gardening and landscaping magazines to see what can pass for a “garden” – apparently there ¬†doesn’t need to be a living plant in sight , let alone one that could produce … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Hope you have had a happy and safe festive season, and welcome to 2013! This week we turned about 2.5m2 of garden bed into 11kg of carrots – enough to last our little family for the rest of summer. The … Continue reading

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Drips and drops

It’s been a busy water week here as we have been installing drip irrigation both at home and at our local childcare centre’s learning garden. And what a difference it makes to the time spent on watering those intensive garden … Continue reading

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Making the most of spring rain

What a great opportunity this week to give those hard-working fruit trees a boost. Good, soaking spring rain is ideal for delivering balanced nutrition, helping along fruit size and flavour while improving trees’ resistance to pests and diseases. While hail … Continue reading

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