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Trees x 10…

Yesterday I was passing through Oaklands Estate Reserve at Marion. I paused to wonder what life would be like if, instead of navigating by the roads and railway lines, numbed by our devices, we instead found our way by the … Continue reading

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Feb-March in Garden and Elsewhere

Dear Adelaideans and nearby gardeners, I hope that, like ours, a little rain has reached your patch this week after our dry, dry, dry, bone-dry January! That little bit will have to stretch a long way as it sounds like … Continue reading

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May Garden Guide

In this edition… Hot and smokin’: Multi-functioning the pizza oven – turning the chilli harvest into chipotle seasoning; making pizzas (hey, who would have thought?); and overnight baked beans. When shading isn’t shading: using shadecloth to capture light for subtropical … Continue reading

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A ‘RetroSuburban’ Case Study of our suburban patch.

Over the past month I’ve been digging deeply into David Holmgren’s recently released book, ‘RetroSuburbia: the downshifter’s guide to a resilient future‘. The book is based on the premise that for most households, making the most productive use of a … Continue reading

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Workshop – Fruit Tree Grafting with Sally

Good morning gardeners, Many of you have met my Mum, Sally, and seen her fruitful garden or her home-grown plants at the Organic Corner Store market. Mum is far braver about grafting than I am! It’s something that I haven’t practised … Continue reading

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There’s an apex predator in my garden…

I presented this concept at City of Marion’s ‘Common Thread‘ sustainability series earlier this month. Today I’ll introduce you to Part One. This is my Mum. Her name is Sally. You might have met her around the traps. She’s usually surrounded by a … Continue reading

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May Gardening Guide – Mediterranean climate

Welcome back, my old friend May, with your drizzling rains and your shorter days! With your soft sun inviting me out to play! Other old friends are back too, like soursobs and thistles – they do no harm, but to … Continue reading

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