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July Gardening Guide – Mediterranean climate

The winter solstice has passed already. Jasmine is beginning to flower. Magpies are singing and collecting nesting material. We’re just getting used to winter again, but already see these signs of spring’s approach!

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Mediterranean Garden Guide – August

Soil care We’ve had a very cold July with reasonable rainfall. That’s great for those fruit trees that need sufficient winter chill to set fruit, but a little challenging for the poor subtropicals that don’t like cold wet feet. Especially … Continue reading

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The Fruity Squeeze

My Mum likes to say that you can always squeeze in one more fruit tree, and she has a point – especially if you’re at the planning stage. It is possible to fit a huge variety of fruiting plants into … Continue reading

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What’s a seed worth?

I was shopping this afternoon and happened to look curiously at the Jap (Kent) pumpkin on display in the supermarket. Not that I wanted to buy any… our winter is pretty much taken care of in that department… … I … Continue reading

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Making the most of spring rain

What a great opportunity this week to give those hard-working fruit trees a boost. Good, soaking spring rain is ideal for delivering balanced nutrition, helping along fruit size and flavour while improving trees’ resistance to pests and diseases. While hail … Continue reading

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