September Garden Guide – Mediterranean climate


Dedicated to the garden, it’s a blessing, it’s a curse

I don’t want to get monotonous so let’s do this in verse

Have you rejuvenated vegie beds with compost and manure?

Then you’re ready to start sowing your spring vegies that’s for sure.

All the snow peas and asparagus are popping up their heads

With the leafies overflowing all the raised vegie beds

We got silverbeet and mustard, and the parsley is insane

Coriander and spring onions they are spicing up the game.


Let’s get sowing seeds of lettuces in colours of all sorts

Not that boring iceberg lettuce like the tasteless stuff you bought

You know the loose-leaf lettuces you pick from the outside?

So the inner leaves keep growing while your tastebuds they are blowing

And you smile smugly knowing that your salad’s all right!


Get your climbing beans planted when the ground is warming up

(If you’re not sure that it’s warming you can test it with your butt)

When you’ve sorted out your timing give them trellises for climbing

Do the same for your cucumbers and your garden keeps on rhyming.


Stick potatoes in the soil with some organic matter

As they start to grow you pile it up higher deeper fatter.

If you want some vegies quickly then you gotta try pak choi

Along with rocket, peas and radishes, then stir-fry them with soy.


Now we’re going to get serious cos summer’s coming soon

And if you’re gonna grow tomatoes then you gotta make some room

Not the same old place as last year where the nematodes are bad

Prepare some soil for tomatoes in a place they’ve never had

Plant tomato seeds in toilet rolls in deep recycled trays

In a nice warm place to germinate, now start on this today!

Your capsicum and chilli and the eggplant too

While the garden beds are breaking down the sheep and cow poo

By the time those babies’ roots appear underneath their tubes

The soil’s warm and comfortable, it’s time to plant that food!


Now you might be getting hungry and be working up a sweat

But we’re not entirely finished so don’t head inside just yet

There are lemons here for picking, there are herbs that need a trim

If you work out on the pruning you don’t need to join a gym.


There are small and slow solutions working all over the yard

When you do a little every day it isn’t really hard

Chuck some thistles to the chickens and collect the warm eggs

Add some marjoram and scramble them and never waste the dregs

Cos we constantly recycle in a permaculture loop

From the kitchen to the compost, to the worms or chicken coop.


If I’ve missed your favourite vegetable or best fruit tree

I apologise but hope you’ll come and chat to me

You remember each September it’s a crazy time of year

But if you’re getting into gardening come and find me here:


Organic Corner Store market Thursday 1st and 15th

Happy Patch Spring Fair on Saturday 17th

Seed Freedom Food Festival on Saturday 24

And then I take a little break – what’s next month got in store?


Nadja Osterstock – Nadja’s Garden: edible gardens in Adelaide.

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