Seed Freedom Food Festival



Last Saturday I was really privileged to be part of a very exciting inaugural event in Adelaide – the Seed Freedom Food Festival. My Mum and I were run off our feet all day with our little market stall and both wished we could have attended the fantastic range of workshops, speakers and activities that were on offer throughout the day. Others have written up their experiences of the festival and there is a beautiful album of photos to browse through.


How would you arrange this lot to make an integrated garden system?

In the morning I was delighted to have a great bunch of participants for a workshop on Permaculture design in urban gardens. We focused on the principle “Integrate rather than segregate”, looking at the balance sheet of needs and yields (inputs and outputs) of a whole range of design elements, from worms to rainwater tanks, and analysing how these can best fit together in an urban garden so that each element supports and is supported by several others.

The festival, which was brilliantly organised and run by volunteers, is intended to become an annual event. I certainly hope so, because both new and experienced gardeners flocked to this great opportunity for learning and sharing, and many who missed it can’t wait to get to the next one! If you missed the permaculture workshop, it will be on again at the regular meeting of the Glenelg North Community Garden, Monday 13th October at 7pm.


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