Spring Open Day in Pictures

What a lovely day we had yesterday! Perfect weather, delightful visitors and a leisurely public holiday to share spring gardening happiness. Next time I will need an extra pair of hands to keep the drinks and munchies flowing! Thanks to all who came from far and wide as well as just around the corner, and may you have success – and fun – in your gardens 🙂


The lemon tree is just beginning to spread over the corner fence,
where one day we will have a bench for passers-by to rest.


Sage, rosemary and thyme border


Passionfruit – the best graffiti deterrent

SAM_0972Geraniums – I hope someone took some cuttings home!


Self-seeding heirloom sweet peas that look and smell beautiful
and provide pea straw for summer mulching


Natives on the verge are overdue for a trim
but give us a great windbreak from hot northerlies and help to screen out the railway line


The frog pond has vanished among the plants since last spring


Shady sitting spots under apricot, nectarine and peach trees –
my favourite place in the garden


Persimmon tree behind a no-dig potato bed


Another persimmon tree (I do like persimmons, but the main job ahead of this one is to shade this side of the garden in summer)…surrounded by garlic, kale and sweet corn.


Mandarin and orange trees in their fresh new foliage


Kiddie chaos – Captain Ben, ever the entrepreneur, sold out of popcorn before lunchtime and then started pulling up parsley plants to sell to the highest bidder.


Andrew takes a well-earned break after chasing honeybees all over the neighbourhood all weekend
(I don’t mean you, Flossy)


…While Mum and her fruit trees power on!

Many thanks to Di Hogg for making our garden 33% more beautiful in photos!

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