The Lawn is Dead, Long Live the Garden!

What a treat I had yesterday! A quick visit to our friends Tom and Vanh, who combine Australian-style permaculture with Laos-style tropical food growing, and who have made over a typical Adelaide backyard in just a few months. Wow!



These girls have helped by scratching up the grass and eating the soursob bulbs. Where the turf was too dense for even them, Tom and Vanh cut it out in clods and then threw it to the chooks, improving the remaining soil and planting vegetables quickly before the grass could creep back.



Tom built this greenhouse cheaply and lightly from small-section timber framing and polycarbonate sheets. It is packed with heat-loving plants…





… tomatoes, zucchini, chillies, lemongrass, basil (grew all winter), sugar cane, avocado and mango trees as well as a banana palm that has just been transplanted to the garden, taro, pineapple and lots more!


Check those toilet roll seedling tubes!!


Lots of happy seedlings where once there was nought but lawn…


And the pond, with its simple and beautiful home-made waterfall, awaits a host of edible water plants.

Looking forward to another visit soon for some lessons in growing tropical herbs, spices and vegies.

Meanwhile, here in Warradale, today brought a really encouraging turn-out from locals interested in starting a community garden in the Warradale Park Reserve, next to the kindergarten and tennis club on the block bounded by Wyndham St, Struan, Gardiner and Cairns Aves. If you’d like to get involved please give me a call on 0410 636 857.

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