Healthy work lunches?

How hard is it to regularly have a fresh, healthy, yummy, affordable, yet quick lunch at work? (Yes, I’m including housework and child-rearing here!)  I for one am heavily reliant upon home-made dinner leftovers but they score a bit low on the freshness scale.

What if I had one of these on the office desk (or kitchen bench)?

salad planter bowl

Salad planter bowl (example image courtesy of

Our family is about to begin trialling this concept at work… two self-watering planters, one in active service at the office and a spare in the nursery stage, to be swapped over every few weeks. This should supply fresh organic mixed salad leaves for sandwiches or salads at a rate of 3 meals per week for about three weeks before a swap is required. The trick is to pick just a few outside leaves at a time from each plant as they keep growing from their centre.

While providing delicious lunch fare, they also beautify the office and improve indoor air quality! An occasional top-up from a trusty water bottle should be enough to keep them going until swap time (n.b. make sure they are well watered on a Friday if you have crazy office air conditioning that goes all weekend, and place them where they will receive plenty of filtered light every day.)

I’ll report back on our little experiment in a few months. Meanwhile if you’d like to try out the office salad bowl too, let me know and I’d be happy to make some for you… $15 each for the first three orders (full price $20)… refill/swap $15. Waiting time approx. 6 weeks for the first round. All plants grown from seed supplied by Greenpatch Organic Seeds and fed with home-made worm goodness.

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