The power of one small frog

Spotted Marsh Frog (Limnodynastes tasmaniensis) Copyright Amphibian Research Centre. Photograph by Lydia Fucsko.

Spotted marsh frog (Click on pic for more info & listen to its croak!)

There’s a cheering sound that greets us through the open windows these days… the gentle ‘aark, aark’ of a little spotted marsh frog (or two?) in a tiny, rocky pond nestled amongst fruit trees, native plants and herbs.

It lifts my heart for several reasons.

One – it’s the sound of life in the garden

Two – it means the magpies have enough to eat without having hunted the poor little creature down yet

Three – it means our rainwater is clean enough to live in

Four – it means the pond hasn’t dried out (pretty important because the bees that make our honey and pollinate our garden love to drink at that pond)

Five – it means frogs and bees are compatible (see above!)

Six – it’s just really cute to listen to. Which is lucky because it’s so good at hiding that I’ll probably never get to see it.

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