Fundraising the healthy, green, fun way

If you’ve ever sat on a fundraising committee or been coerced into selling products for your kids’ school etc., you have probably experienced some of the following questionable joys…

  • having to buy the last 2 dozen unsold chocolate bars because they melted in the car while you were shopping
  • the stress of getting raffle tickets sold and the books back to school by the due date
  • bad weather striking right on the day of your sausage sizzle, jumble sale, etc
  • fundraising products being rejected due to allergies, sugar content or plain old junk food status
  • toys breaking in the first five minutes or not working in the first place

Couldn’t fundraising be less stressful? Less work? More healthy? More in tune with the principles of both your family and your organisation? Less corporate? Less packaged?!

I think so. That’s why I’m happy to share the profits from Nadja’s Garden organic seed sales and book sales with local, not-for-profit community organisations – schools, kindergartens, child care centres, churches, sporting groups etc.

If you are involved in such a group in Adelaide and would like to try an approach to fundraising that benefits your organisation, its members and the environment, check out what’s on offer here and give me a call – 0410 636 857. I’d love to help.

seed order form

Sample of organic seed order form – can be customised for your organisation

book order form

Sample of book order form – can be customised for your organisation

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