The case for a cup of tea

(or “The 5-Minute Rule”)

China teapot

Call me lazy, but I reckon the majority of garden and household tasks can benefit from being left for 5 minutes while you relax with a cup of tea. This is a variation, of course, on Keeping it Manageable as per my rant last week 😉  And it’s a fine example of using small and slow solutions. The crucial bit, though, is that you MUST sit down for the 5 minutes, not gulp down a cuppa on the run. (Real tea brewing slowly in a pot helps here.)

A few examples spring to mind:

  • About to plant out seedlings into the garden? Put the kettle on and let the seedlings soak in diluted seaweed brew for 5 minutes first. They will come out of their punnets more easily with less root damage and quicker recovery.
  • Knees, back or hands getting tired during a long garden job? 5 minutes’ rest and you’ll get your second wind. (And most likely avoid silly injuries.)
  • Making bread dough by hand – mix the ingredients and let rise for 5 minutes before kneading. It will be lighter and less sticky to knead.
  • Washing up baked-on pots and pans – let them soak while you have that refreshing brew, so the muck comes off more quickly and with less scratching.
  • Plugging away on a creative endeavour – take that cup of tea out to the garden for a change of scenery and a boost to the imagination.

Well, that’s my 5 minutes up – back to work!

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