Market holiday

Update: 13/2/13 – Just keeping an eye on that fickle Adelaide weather… We don’t go to market when the weather forecast is for heat over 35C, wet or ridiculously windy weather (i.e. when the seeds would get damaged or when it’s just horrible for gardening). Currently this Sunday’s forecast is 37C so we’ll see you next time (3rd March) unless things cool down a bit.

Nadja’s Garden is taking a little summer vacation from our regular stall at the Marion Market, while other family projects are afoot (e.g. see

We plan to be back at the market from Sunday 3rd March with a great range of seeds for late summer and autumn planting, so now is a great time to get planning and prepare the soil for your next season’s planting… especially getting root crops started for winter. Here’s a quick guide.


For more inspiration and regular reminders on what to plant next in your edible garden, see – a great resource, with mobile phone app available. Meanwhile seeds are still available, along with seedlings to order, and fundraising deals for schools and community groups – contact Nadja’s Garden if you would like to place an order or find out more.

Happy gardening 🙂

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