Drips and drops

It’s been a busy water week here as we have been installing drip irrigation both at home and at our local childcare centre’s learning garden.


Photo courtesy of Gardening Australia

And what a difference it makes to the time spent on watering those intensive garden beds – like green salad vegies – not to mention giving fruit trees a good deep soak. With micro-sprayers for potted strawberries and a dedicated dripper to the bird bath, more and more time is freed up for the more satisfying garden tasks – like planting, harvesting, playing chasey and observing the ladybirds hard at work defeating aphids!

Irrigation systems don’t have to be complicated or expensive, and they can potentially save your garden from extinction if you are  away on holidays when a heatwave strikes. They can also be expanded if and when the need arises. If you’d like a quote for a simple system in your garden, contact Nadja’s Garden.

The raised garden beds at the Warradale Community Children’s Centre learning garden were custom made by Dingo Garden & Tanks – a local small business with excellent service. Contact Ben:

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